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Colorado Water Quality Control Commission
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, A-5
Denver, CO 80246

Dear Commissioners,

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the Colorado Water Quality Commission initiate rulemaking to designate Grand Lake as and Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW). Outstanding National Resource Waters are a formal designation under the Federal Clean Water Act. They are defined as high quality waters of the United States that qualify as an outstanding National resource, such as waters of National and State parks and wildlife refuges and waters of exceptional recreational or ecological significance.

Grand Lake is Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake. It sits at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park where it is fed by headwater streams that are themselves already designated as ONRW. For over 100, years it has been a magnet for tourists from around the world attracted to its outstanding natural beauty, ecological significance and the recreation opportunities it affords. Generations of families are propelled to return to the lake to enjoy its communion of blue water, blue sky and majestic mountains. As a headwater lake, it has served as the birthplace of the West and contributes to the remarkable history and heritage of the Colorado River. Because of its recreational opportunities, unmatched beauty, water quality that benefits from input from other ONRW designated sources, and quality of life offerings, it provides the basis for the existence not only for the surrounding town of Grand Lake but also for much of Grand County.

The Outstanding National Resource Waters designation will support national and Colorado values that include: enjoyment of a recreational treasure, including small water craft boating and fishing around the nation’s highest yacht club; the uniqueness of Colorado’s largest and deepest natural lake; and an aesthetic focal point for Rocky Mountain National Park which attracts over 3.5 million visitors from around the world each year. All of these features place Grand Lake as a top quality Outstanding National Resource Water. Grand Lake deserves this designation so that it can join its rightful spot beside such other similarly designated natural waters like Lake Tahoe and Lake Yellowstone.

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